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In document Omnia UL (сторінка 34-38)

Coil connection (female) Weight of fan coil without feet

50 mm

50mm 100 mm

Mod UL 11 UL 16 UL 26 UL 36

Width A 640 750 980 1200

Height H 606 606 606 606

Depth L 173 173 173 173

Feet height Z 93 93 93 93

Weight [kg] 12,5 13,5 16,5 19,5

ZU Accessory



= =


= 6,5




544 264 26 64

72 29






65 54

31 421

9380 106



2 1




5 5



145 196


E AC B==


Mod. UL 11 UL 16 UL 26 UL 36

A 640 750 980 1200

B 384 494 725 945

C 360,5 470,5 701,5 921,5

D 288 398 629 849

E 394 504 735 955

1 Head with slats that can be directed 2 Cabinet

3 Load-bearing structure

4 ZU Plinth

5 Space for connections

The support wall must be perfectly flat, for fixing using four anchor screws with characteristics suitable for the type of wall (not supplied).

426 242



38 125



Coil connection (female)

Mod. Omnia UL 11 P Omnia UL 16 P Omnia UL 26 P Omnia UL 36 P

3 R 1/2 1/21/21/2

145 196





10 10 6,5



465 86

Mod. UL 10 P UL 15 P UL 25 P UL 35 P

B 384 494 725 945

C 360,5 470,5 701,5 921,5

D 288 398 629 849


30 mm 400mm






Coils may have to be reversed for match the layout of water connections. To do so, first remove the body, then, in the case of Omnia UL Cfan coils, also remove the room temperature sensor from its housing. Then proceed as follows:

- disconnect wires from the terminal block;

- remove the probe from the coil (UL C);

- Remove the drip tray fixing screws and remove the tray.

- Remove the coil fixing screws and remove the coil.

- Remove the push-out covers from the right hand side.

- Turn the coil around and re-fit it using the fixing screws removed previously.

- Re-fit the drip tray using the screws removed previously.

All drip trays are designed for condensate draining from either side.

N.B.: Before connecting up the condensate drain, use a tool to open the diaphragm in the tray (where fitted) on the water connection side. Seal the unused drain outlet using the plug provided.

Remove the electrical connections from the right hand side.

Remove the push-out and move the cable sheath from the right to the left.

- Move the motor cable to the left hand side, passing it through the protective sheath.

- Move the terminal board and the earthing pin to the left hand side.

- Restore the motor cable electrical connections.

- Insert the battery probe.

- Remove the switch cards from the right hand element.

- Disconnect the microswitch.

- Remove the reinforcing stay.

- Pass the wire for the microswitch through the opening on the opposite side.

- Secure the reinforcing stay.

- Fit the thermostat card on the left hand element and fit the WARNING: before carrying out any work, put the proper

individual protection devices on.

WARNING: before carrying out any work, make sure the electrical power is unplugged.

CAUTION: electrical connections, the installation of the fan coils and their accessories must only be carried out by peo- ple with the proper technical and professional qualifi cations for the installation, conversion, expansion and maintenance of the machinery and able to check that it is working pro- perly and safe.

Install the fancoil in a position that will facilitate routine (fi l- ter cleaning) and special maintenance, and easy access to the air breather valve on the side of the unit (connections side).

Note that certain operating conditions could lead to the for- mation of condensate on the unit housing with subsequent dripping, or faults to the water circuit or condensate drainage could cause liquids to overfl ow. For these reasons, avoid in- stalling the unit on surfaces damageable by moisture.

Make sure that the unit is installed in a site where the am- bient temperature is inside the minimum and maximum limi- ts 0 - 45°C (<85% R.H.).

To install the unit, proceed as follows:

- Remove the cover by unscrewing the screws in the head piece under the doors.

- In the case of wall mounting, ensure a minimum distance of 80 mm from the fl oor. For free-standing installation on feet, refer to the instructions provided with the unit.

The support wall must be perfectly fl at, for fi xing using four anchor screws with characteristics suitable for the type of wall (not supplied).

- Make water connections. To make the air vent from the coil easier, you are recommended to connect the outlet water pipe with the connection positioned on the top, the possible inversion will not affect the proper unit operation.

The position and diameter of water connectors are given in the dimensional data.

Insulation of water lines is recommended. Install the con- densate water collection tray (optional accessory) to prevent dripping during cooling operation.

N.B.: Use a tool to break the push-out in the drip tray (water connection side) before connecting the condensate draina- ge.

Size and arrange the condensate drain system in such a way as to ensure a gradient of at least 1%. If drainage is emptied into the sewerage system, fi t a siphon to prevent the return of unpleasant odours into the room.

Test the seal of water and condensate drainage connec- tions.

- Fit accessories (as applicable).

- (OMNIA UL C and PC) To modify the settings of the electro- nic thermostat, modify the dip switches from the relevant win- dow at the back of the control panel, (see the “DIP-SWITCH SETTINGS” chapter).

- Make all wiring connections as shown in wiring diagrams and the section “ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS”. Connect the control panel to the connector on the inside of the fan- coil, then earth the unit.

- (OMNIA UL C and PC) Check the proper functioning of the fan coil by means of the Autotest procedure.

- Re-install the casing.

- Check that the fancoil operates correctly.

WARNING: the fi lter may only be removed from the sealed

In document Omnia UL (сторінка 34-38)