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ківської ОКЛ 51 хворому з ушкодженням проксимального відділу стегнової кістки, яким проведено хірургічне лікування, виконано денситометрію поперекового відді- лу хребта та шийки стегнової кістки контрлатерального кульшового суглоба. У 45 (88,2%) хворих виявлено зниження мінеральної щільності кісткової ткани нижче вікової норми, а у 10 (19,6%) хворих виявлено ознаки остеопорозу. В післяопера- ційному періоді хворим призначали медикаментозу остеотропну терапію. При по- вторній денситометрії через 6 місяців виявлено, що у хворих, які отримували ос- теотропну терапію, відмічалося збільшення кісткової маси в середньому на 1,53%.

Висновок. Вивчення стану кісткової тканини при лікуванні хворих похилого віку з переломами кісток дозволяє виявити закономірні порушення кісткового ремоде- лювання в посттравматичному періоді, використовувати медикаментозне остеото- проне лікування з метою корекції структурних порушень кістки та попередження повторних переломів.

6. Personal opinion

Euthanasia is violation to the Hippocratic Oath.


Bidochko O.I.

PSSI «Ivano-Frankivsjkyj universitas nationalis»

Cathedra linguisticae

Praefectus scientifi cus – traditor J. S. Chopyk

Ab origine mundi labore cerebri humani delectantur solum philosophorum et theologorum, sed circa saecculo tum fuerat doctrina, quae melius intellegebat machinae internae functionis cerebri. Id est psychologia experimentalis. Saepo in eo casu laborabat pro regula ,,disimulanda absolvitur sufugia”. Cursus basilares requistionum fl ectebantur in doctrina reactionis gesturae, dominentur consistentiae et functionis cerebri. Cum cerebrum est vitiosum effi aciter factore externo, modo repudium laboris superstititur, cum petractant in homine ut personalitas. In eo facto confi dentur doctus. Historiae morborum denture facultatem intellegere hominum. Eventus experimenti dentur intellegere ut opus cerebrum, itaque id est base pro progressu modern medicinae in secta neurologiae. Superum 150 annorum idcirco Brok aperiet zonas cerebri: functiones hypocampae, haemispheriae magnae cerebri, corporis adiposi, quod fi t cognitione curationis morborum variorum:

epilepsiae, explicantur existentiae memoriae brevis, diutumae, neuromuscularis, potestas describtionis regionis functionalis variae in cerebro et cetere. In base confi rmationis Votson: sunt tres bases sensus hominis (amor, ira et angor), qui dependuntur ab aetate infantum, itaque conducentur experimenta severa ad infantibus. Conducentur eos ad requisitione refl exus condicionalis. Sed declarabantur ad studio effectus, quod detractio regionis cerebri, quae dominat eam functionem, turbantur potestatis hominis sentire et tractare recte. Industria militaris laborabatur experimentia supra cerebrum: dominare pro adjuvante cursus electrici. Tunc ea thema est actualis, quod demonstratur relationem antihumanum doctuum ad objecto requisitionis.


Biller M.

SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University»

Department of Oncology

Scientifi c director – candidate of medical science, associate professor V.V. Golotiuk The results of surgical treatment of 572 patients operated on obstructive colonic cancer (OCC) in Ivano-Frankivsk regional oncological dispansery and Kolomya oncological dispansery during 1995-2009 were analyzed. Of all 709 patients operated on colonic cancer during this period 80.2% had obstructing carcinoma.

There were 294 (51.4%) women and 278 (48.6%) men among patients with OCC.

The peak of case rate falls on 60-69 old women and men (45.9% and 41.0% accordingly);

the next by an amount age group is 50-59 years old women (29.6%) and 70-79 years old men (23.4%).

The degree of intestinal obstruction was determined in accordance with E.G.

Topusov`s classifi cation (1986). The 1st degree was diagnosed in 8.2% cases, the second one – 60.8%, the third one – 31.0%. Concerning to the localisation, the OCC of the left part of colon was found almost three times more then one of the right part (427 cases against 145).

The IIIA stage of OCC was diagnosed in 221 patients, IIIB – In 171 patients, IV – in 83 patients.

410 patients underwent radical operations, 162 – palliative ones. Postoperative mortality was 27.5%, including 10.9% after radical operations and 40.6% after palliative ones. The reasons of death after radical operations were: peritonitis, thrombembolias, pulmonary-cardiac failure, anemic-toxic syndrome; after palliative ones – polyorganic failure, suppurative processes, hepatonephric failure, thrombembolias etc.

460 patients have leaved oncodispanseries; further destiny of 100 of them is unknown. Among 265 patients who underwent radical operation only 16.2% outlived 5 and more years for the 1st of January 2013, 57.0% of patients have died, including 36.0%

in the fi rst 3 years of dispanserization. Only 7.3% patients lived more then 3 years after palliative operation.

So, timely colon cancer diagnostic is the basis of the improvement of the treatment results.



SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University»

Chair of Children’s Surgery and Propedeutics of Pediatrics Supervisor - Сandidate of Medical Science T.Lotovska

In the conditions of the modern ecologically problematic situation the morbidity from acute and chronic respiratory diseases has a tendency to rise. This requires from the medical science to carry on search of effective measures against the most wide spread respiratory diseases, acute bronchitis (AB) in particular. Among the latest medical preparations (MP) having good effect in the treatment of AB is modern phito therapy preparation Echinasal.

It is immune stimulating, anti-infl ammatory, expectorating medicine. The main action of Echinasal according to the Instructions is softening of a thick and sticky secret in the respiratory ways and stimulation of expectorating refl ex. Echinasal is characterized by anti-infl ammatory and antibacterial action. Extract from the fruits of dog-rose hips and black currants is used in mild types of upper respiratory catarrhal symptoms with no strong cough. Juice of the Echinacea purpura grass stimulates immune processes. The MP is used for the treatment of upper respiratory diseases, especially AB at a background of weakened defense functions of the organism and with the aim of prophylactics under weakened immunity. The aim of our study was to prove the effectiveness of Echinasal in relieving cough, which is the main clinical symptom of AB. Our study group included 15 children at the age from 7 to 12 years. Control group had the same number of patients with the same disease and symptoms, but they were treated with the traditional method without using Echinasal. We added a table spoonful (15ml) of syrup 2 times a day to the

traditional treatment scheme, independently of food taking. The period of treatment lasted 5-6 days. The effect was noted even on the 3rd day. Disease symptoms became much weaker. The attacks of cough began to disappear on Day 3 and fully subsided on Day 6 (in control group- by the 8- 10th day). The medicine was effective, had no side effects.

It was tolerated by all children well. The results of our study on a small group of patients suffering AB with strong cough symptoms are fully positive. They demonstrate the good effect of orally administered Echinasal syrup 2 times a day in a dose of 15 ml in addition to traditionally used scheme of treatment AB.

We are going to continue our research with this MP in some other diseases.

MY INDIA, MY CULTURE Chakraborty Anurag

SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University»

Department of Ukraineconnoisseur Scientifi c leader – M. Suialickij

My India, my country, my motherland , my identity. Once in childhood I went to searvch the culture of our country... Got a wide culture. India is a combination of many different cultures . The similarity between all of them is all cultures of India are based upon the religions and history of India. For example, in NorthIndia , Kashmiri dance, Punjabi bhangra, Hariyanvi natural culture, carry one kind of massage. Again, when we go to the west side, all the cultures, customs are depended on the natural system, ethnic systems, rules & regulations. The culture of south india is entirely different, where we will get a piecefull envioronment, bharatnattyam, kathakali , mohini-attyam ---- these type of classical dances are existed there ; theme is same – nature , religion, epics, literature , history etc. The east indian culture is based on the tribal customs like --- bihu dance, baul music, odishi dance (classical) , MAnipuri dance drama (classical) etc. Altogether the whole descriptions and views are really entertaining, now as a conclusion , we are divided by religion, culture, religion and languages but we are united as Indian, I feel proud to say that “India. Incredible India “.


SHEI»Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university»

Department of histology, cytology and embryology

Scientifi c leader – PhD, assistant professor Hryshchuk М., assistant Boiko O.

Examining the clinical aspects of the infl ammatory diseases of intestine, majority of authors specify on the important role of changes of microbal fl ora in their pathogeny. At the same time, a dysbacteriosis is examined as an independent problem, especially taking into account the increase of prevalence of this pathosis related to the protracted application of high doses of antibiotics for adults and children. Also intensive contamination of environment by connections of heavy metals, in particular to the cadmium, is threatening and harmful. In these terms one of the priority directions in experimental morphology is an investigation of the features and mechanisms of action of these factors on an organism,

in particular, their infl uence on a small intestine. The aim of work was comparison of infl uence of cadmium and dysbacteriosis on the structure of small intestine of rats 7 days after stopping introduction of substances, that is conducted on white adult rats by mass 180-200 gs. Systematic morphological approach for the estimation of structural changes in a small intestine with the action of cadmium and dysbacteriosis was used for the estimation of the results. Dystrophic changes appear in the mucous membrane of small intestine of animals of both groups, in the fi rst turn, ephithelial cover of villis and crypts and connective tissue of lamina propria of mucous membrane. A damage of mucous membrane is tesselated. The villis of mucous membrane are rarefi ed, somewhere on the perimeter of road clearance of intestine are absent. As a result of cadmium intoxication there are morphological signs of destructive processes in the ephithelial cover of villis.

Intestinal absorptive cells are in the state of dystrophy. Intraepithelial lymphocytes appear between epitheliocytes. On the apexes of villis there is a subephithelial edema with the considerable removing layer by layer of epitheliocytes from the lamina propria of mucous membrane. For animals with a dysbacteriosis stroma of villis, crypts and connective tissue of submucosa was swollen, here and there with formation of large light emptinesses between the pinches of collagen fi bers. There is infi ltration of loose connective tissue of lamina propria of mucous membrane mainly lymphocytes and activated plasma cells.

There are eosinophils saturated by specifi c granules for them. Міcrocirculature bed are plethoric in a muscularis. Serosa is without the special changes.

Thus, the dystrophic changes of structural components of small intestine appear for the animals of both experimental groups.


Die medizinische nationale Universität zu Iwano-Frankiwsk Der Lehrstuhl für die Sprachkunde

Der wissenschaftliche Leiter –Huzol M. I.

Alkoholkonsum bei Jugendlichen ist an sich kein neuartiges Phänomen. Auch in vorangegangenen Generationen gehörte Alkohol auf dem Weg zum Erwachsenwerden.

Also, jedes Jahr trinken ca. 750000 Menschen in der Bundesrepublik das erste Mal Alkohol. In der Ukraine fordern Nikotin und Alkohol viel mehr Menschenleben als auf dem übrigen Kontinent. Zum Beispiel, in der Provinzstadt Winniza trinken fast 100 Prozent der Schüler im Alter von 14 bis 16 Jahren täglich Alkohol und rauchen. Warum?

Ist es Bestandteil der Erwachsenenwelt? 50% der Jugendlichen trinken Alkohol, weil es, nach ihrer Meinung lockerer macht. Die anderen sagen, dass Alkohol gut schmeckt, und sich zu entspannen hilft. Wer als Jugendlicher mithalten will, muss auch mittrinken, als Abstinenzler gilt er schnell als Außenseiter. Dazu trägt auch wesentlich die Werbung mit Sprüchen wie "Spaß im Glas" bei. Die Alkoholwerbung verstärkt den Trend zum Komatrinken bei Jugendlichen. Die Jugendlichen wollen sich vom Elternhaus lösen, haben aber in der Welt der Erwachsenen noch große Schwierigkeiten sich zu behaupten.

Alkohol kommt in dieser Entwicklungszeit wie gerufen. Er schmeckt den jungen Erwachsenen zwar nicht unbedingt, wirkt aber enthemmend, entspannend und hilft dabei sich über Verbote hinwegzusetzen. Der Alkohol lässt das mangelnde Selbstvertrauen

vergessen und auch die Zukunftsängste werden lässig überspielt. In vielen Cliquen gilt Alkoholkonsum als Zeichen von Stärke, dadurch entsteht der Gruppenzwang mitzutrinken.

Erwähnenswert ist es auch, dass der Genuss von Alkohol auch nicht ganz ungefährlich ist.

Es kann schneller als man erwartet zur Abhängigkeit führen. Das Gehirn wird auf Sucht programmiert, weil in jungen Jahren das Gehirn ein Suchtgedächtnis aufbaut. Alkohol verursacht viele gesundheitliche Schäden. Es kann zu Herz-, Nieren- und Gehirnschäden kommen, außerdem lässt es das Immunsystem schlechter arbeiten. Alkohol beeinträchtigt die seelisch-geistige und körperliche Entwicklung der Jugendlichen.


Doskaljuk B.W.

Die medizinische nationale Universität zu Iwano-Frankiwsk Der Lehrstuhl für die Sprachkunde

Der wissenschaftliche Leiter – Kyjak D.R.

Weltweit werden heute mehr Neugeborene geimpft als jemals zuvor (106 Millionen Kinder in 2008). Impfungen gegen Masern, Kinderlähmung, Diphtherie, Tetanus, Keuchhusten, Tuberkulose, Hepatitis und Hämophilus Infl uenza (HIB) gehören zu den wirksamsten und kostengünstigsten Gesundheitsmaßnahmen. Sie verhindern jedes Jahr allein 2,5 Millionen Todesfälle und das Ausmaß von Krankheiten und lebenslangen Behinderungen. Trotzdem erhalten jedes Jahr immer noch 24 Millionen Kinder in den Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern im ersten Lebensjahr keinen Impfschutz gegen lebensgefährliche Krankheiten. Das ist jedes fünfte Kind. Gerade sie sind besonders von Krankheiten bedroht.

Aber trotz der Erfolge wird die Impfung auch kritisch gesehen. Nicht alle Eltern sind von den Impfprogrammen überzeugt. Zum Beispiel deshalb, weil der Impfkalender bereits Kinder zwei Monate nach ihrer Geburt einbezieht. Der Verband Unabhängiger Heilpraktiker mit Sitz in Köln hat Einwände. „Eine Impfung in zu frühem Alter greift in das noch nicht vollständig ausgebildete Immunsystem des Kindes ein“. Außerdem gibt es Hinweise darauf, dass der Impfstoff bei geimpften Kindern ernste und dauerhafte Schäden verursacht hat. Also, was soll man tun um die Impfungen sicherer zu machen?

Welche Zukunft hat die Massenimpfung?


Dutchak N. R., Shkil C.O.

SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical Unsversity»

Chair of children's Surgary and Propedeutic Pediatrics Head sienses as. Osadetc N.B., as. Fedushun L.L.

Bronchial asthma in young children often remains unrecognized and hidden behind other diagnose:obstructive bronchitis, broncho-obstructive syndrome, acute respiratory disease. The reason is the poor informating of practitioners about features of clinical symptoms and course of asthma in children of early age. The diffi culty lies in the fact that research methods are expensive and sometimes inaccessible to most clinicians. The resulf of the research shows that the fi rst signs of the disease are appear in 54.1% of

patients at an early age,and 15% of them in the fi rst year. However the early diagnostic performed, according to the study, noted only in 9% of cases. That’s it is important facta of hypodiagnostik asthma in children, but of late diagnosis of the disease in general. We analyzed the medical records of in 23 patients children, aged from 3 months to 6 years who were treated at the basis of the departments of children hospital. We analysed the clinical and anamnesis, laboratory and specifi c studies (Ig E,AND SPESIFIC Ig E-antiboodies by MAST). Analysis of anamnestic data showed the presence of burdened allergical anamnesis in 6 children(maternal lines). The study found that in 13 patients(56.5%) indicator Ig E is above normal. Among them in three infants this indicator increased.

The interesting thing is that the high level of the Ig E was observed mainly among girls.

13 patients was made allegro expanded panel of 36 allergens. Sensitization to household allergens, especially to Dermatophagoides farinea and Dermatophagoides pteronissinus (53.8%), rarely-to house dust was dominated. Among food allergens medium and high levels of Ig E antibodies was found to cow's milk (15.3%) and wheat fl our(7%). Thus asthma in young children often disguised under other diseases and is diagnosed late and consejuently treated. Diagnosis of asthma in early childhood is very complicated. From the results of our study we got to know that gives a possibility to start treatment in time, to prevent a number of complications, improve juality of life, to eliminate the side effects of systemic hormone therapy.


Halandzhiy M.-A.V.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University Department of Physiology

Supervisor - MD, Professor Voronych-Semchenko N.M, as.of prof. Nykolyshyn L.

Purpose - to examine the combined effects of iodine defi ciency and iron, selenium, copper on the functional capacity and structure of the thyroid gland, to determine the state of NO- Synthase system in animals with experimental hypothyroidism.

The study was conducted on rats weighing 120-180 g, which modeled monodefi ciency of iodine (1st experimental group, n = 30), the defi cit: iodine and selenium (2- nd experimental group, n = 30), iodine and iron (3 - rd research group, n

= 30), iodine and copper (4-research group, n = 30). Animals of all experimental groups were on iodine defi ciency diet (Martinez-Galan JR, 1997). Selenium defi ciency modeled by introducing semi-balanced diet, developed by the Institute of Nutrition (Obolskyy O.L, 2001). Iron defi ciency caused by daily intraperitoneal introduction chelator deferoxamine (Khodorovsky VM, 2006). Limited admission copper reproduce introduced animals d-penicillamine (Masahiko Yamamoto et al., 1990). Functional state of the thyroid gland was evaluated in terms of free fT3, fT4 and TSH in serum. The state of nitric oxide studied the content of nitrite ion in serum total activity and NO-synthase (NOS), constitutive NO- synthase (cNOS) and inducible NO-synthase (iNOS) in brain tissue, heart and liver. For comparison, a similar study was conducted on 30 intact animals.

The study found that thyroid status of experimental animals under conditions of combined iodine defi ciency and iron, selenium or copper content is characterized by

decreased thyroid hormone and the imbalance in the thyroid profi le. Combined defi ciency of micronutrients adversely affect the system nitrogen oxide, in particular, the content of nitrite ion in serum decreased by 18.5% and 48.4% in animals with restricted admission to the body of iodine and copper or iron according to the same index in animals with monodefi ciency of iodine. The most pronounced changes in NO-synthase observed in brain tissue by increasing the activity of NOS (2.8 times) and cNOS (by 6.7 times) in animals with iodine defi ciency and copper decrease NOS activity by 68.7% and cNOS by 47.2% in the brain and up to 80% NOS and cNOS activity in the liver tissue of rats with iodine defi ciency and selenium;

decrease cNOS activity by 46.7% in the brain of animals with iodine defi ciency and iron.

Changes of iNOS in rats of all experimental groups were more inert.

Thus, the development of microelementosis accompanied by marked changes in indicators of NO- Synthase system.



SHEI «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University»

Chair of Physiologi

Scientifi c supervisor – Stetsevyat V.B.

One of the priority areas of public health care is to fi nd new ways to overcome iodine defi ciency. There are limited data on the role of other micro and macro elements in the pathogenesis of endemic goiter.

The purpose of this research is to study the effect of chlorine and fl uorine on the thyroid status of the animals with the correction of hypothyroidism. The studies were performed on 70 matured rats. 60 animals were on the diet of iodine defi ciency, and 10 - on a standard nutrient diet. Thyroid status of the animals was evaluated on the basis of T3, T4 and TSH levels in the blood serum. The urine of the test animals was analyzed for the iodine content in order to diagnose iodine supply. These indicators were studied in conditions of hypothyroidism with iodine defi ciency, iodine defi ciency correction with potassium iodide and with simultaneous introduction of potassium iodide and sodium chloride or sodium fl uoride. As a comparison analogical studies were conducted on intact animals.

The results of the research work showed that the thyroid status of animals in conditions of iodine deprivation was characterized by the decreased content of T3, T4 and increased TSH levels in the blood serum. Effective for the correction of hypothyroid dysfunction in conditions of hypothyroidism is the introduction of potassium iodide to animals, as evidenced by the raised contents of T3 and T4 in the blood serum, reduced levels of TSH, and increase of iodine levels in the urine. Positive effect of the use of potassium iodide in conditions of sodium chloride or sodium fl uoride administration was reduced, as evidenced by the decrease of T3 and T4 levels in the blood serum.

Therefore, potassium iodide proved to be effective in the correction of hypothyroid dysfunction. The intake of chloride and fl uoride by the animals reduces the effectiveness of treatment that should be taken into consideration in the therapy of thyroid disease with iodine medications.